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The purpose of our agency programs are to assist income-eligible individuals who are seeking to improve their situations and work towards self-sufficiency. HELPNM assists participants in gaining skills, training, or experience that will improve employment prospects and/or earning potential. 

We provide two types of assistance and services:

  1. Tangible Services: an individual or family receives a benefit from HELPNM on a one-time basis per lifetime. Assistance is provided on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Intangible Services: an individual or family receives a benefit over a period of time (up to six months), contingent upon funding and participation in case management services.

Services are contingent upon the availability of funds and tailored to each family situation. All services are based on family need and income eligibility. Some exceptions may apply to seniors aged 65 and older, migratory, and/or disabled individuals on a fixed income. These individuals may receive additional services depending on the family situation.