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HELPNM provides comprehensive educational opportunities for improving one’s quality of life. Our goal is to enable individuals to acquire the basic skills necessary to function in today’s society so that they can benefit from the completion of secondary school, improved employment opportunities, enhanced family life, attaining citizenship, through participation in adult  and youth education services and programs.

We work hard to address major basic skills deficits and to provide a sufficient “bridge” to occupational or academic coursework. These services can range from High school equivalency to college supports or certifications. HELPNM assists individuals with different levels of educational opportunities based on the individual’s needs. We have varied educational services for all qualifying individuals based on need.

The community education program assists youth and adults through a wide range of high-quality educational opportunities.

Youthbuild is a national program that works to unleash the intelligence and positive energy of youth ages 16-24 to acquire literacy and numeracy gains, secondary education credentials, industry-recognized credentials, and preparation for post-secondary career and education placements.

WIOA  Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is a national program that provides Occupational Skills Training with limited tuition, books, training supplies for youth and adults looking to advance their career, looking for a job, or looking for a better one. 

We assist focused, motivated individuals who want to change their life and complete their educational goals.