Short-Term Housing Stabilization Assistance

HELPNM is providing housing assistance to individuals and families who are experiencing immediate housing stabilization needs in ten counties. 

Assistance may include assistance with rental application fees, security deposits, last month’s rent, utility deposits, utility payments, moving costs, and/or rental arrears payments for up to six months. 

Assistance is available in the following counties:  Hidalgo, Luna, Grant, Roosevelt, DeBaca, Guadalupe, Torrance, Lincoln, Quay and Curry.

Individuals or families who lack a fixed or adequate residence are encouraged to apply. Those who are currently residing in a shelters, transitional housing, and hotels are eligible. Families doubled up with friends or family and/or school district McKinney-Vento applicants are encouraged to apply.  Those who are currently facing eviction and in need of utility assistance for rental units are also encouraged to apply. 

Due to the emergency response for the fires in Northern New Mexico, the best way to request assistance for child care or early childhood education is to visit one of our locations in person.

**Please note: This form is not used for requesting emergency assistance due to the fires in Northern New Mexico. All such requests will not be answered here. (Updated 4/26/22)**

Short-Term Housing Stabilization Assistance

Section 1: Client Information

Section 2: Current Assistance Through Other Entities

Are you currently receiving assistance or living in any of the following:
(If Yes, please select what kind of assistance you are receiving)

Section 3: Current Housing Information

Type of Housing:
Proof of residency (Photo ID) will be required at intake appointment.

Section 4: Household Income Information

Monthly household income for household members 18 and over:

Section 5: Disclaimer

I attest that the information stated above is true and accurate, and understand that the above information, if misrepresented or incomplete may be grounds for denial and/or penalties as specified by law.


Section 6: Supporting Documentation

Upload supporting documentation, if you have it ready (Photo ID, proof of income for all household members over the age of 18, household member information, lease or home contract, utility bill). These documents will be required at your intake meeting.

Maximum file size: 10.49MB