Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE)

Teresa Quintana, Vice President

Irene Panlilio, Associate Vice President

Maryah Griego, Interim Community Services Director

Evangeline Touchine, WIOA Youth/YouthBuild Director

Erick Van Eckhoutte with a title of WIOA Adult/Dislocated Worker Director.

Mercedes Gutierrez, Supportive Service Director


Office of Finance and Administration (OFA)

Victoria Garnat, Finance Director

Office of Learning and Academic Opportunity (OLAO)

Gloria Lopez, Vice President

Crystal Pena, Associate Vice President

Araceli Ortega, Parent Family Community Engagement (PFCE) Director

Lee Ann Kershaw, Education Director

Rachel Marshall, Budget Director

Sandra Barela-Ostos, Nutrition, Facilities and Safety Director

Iria Colón-Zavala, Health Services Director

Haydee Ramirez, Regional Manager

Arminda Muñoz, Regional Manager

Office of Strategy & Community Engagement

Annaliza Gourneau, Vice President