Find Education for You or a Family Member

Access to and participation in education and training is the key to the achievement of long-term economic self-sufficiency. 

Find Food Assistance

Those that are served nutritious meals and snacks will develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Find a Job

Take the next step to a better career with on-the-job training and job readiness workshops.

Find A Place To Sleep or Utility Assistance

HELPNM can assist you with various forms of help. Our agency prioritizes services for families with children, seniors, and the disabled

Find Child Care or Early Childhood Education

Access to Early Childhood education or childcare assistance is the key to the achievement of long-term economic self-sufficiency.

Find Basic Health & Safety Assistance

HELPNM can provide temporary assistance and support to families affected by domestic violence during crisis or emergent situations when other resources are not available.