Who We Are


HELP New Mexico, Inc. (HELPNM) was created and incorporated as Home Education Livelihood Program, Inc. in 1965 by the interdenominational New Mexico Council of Churches and its successor, the New Mexico Conference of Churches and Church Women United. The founders included pastors, ranchers, farmworkers, housewives, businessmen and government workers. The HELPNM organization is governed by 18 Board of Directors representing sectors including public, business, low income, native American, parents and other community members.

Our Agency

HELPNM has collectively improved the lives of many New Mexicans. Our diverse work is administered through three executive branches: The Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE), Office of Learning & Academic Opportunity (OLAO) and the Office of Finance and Administration (OFA).

Together we maintain a diversified approach for program development that addresses the community needs that exist within the service areas. Through 25 offices across the state and with more than 200 employees, HELPNM works diligently to change lives and improve the communities that the agency serves. We focus on six pillars of service that includes varied programming for Employment, Education and Cognitive Development, Income and Asset Building, Housing, Health and Social/Behavioral Development, Civic Engagement and Community Involvement. HELPNM provides a delivery strategy that produces high levels of integration.

Office of Economic Opportunity (OEE) provides services to individuals and families, youth, veterans, migrant and seasonal farm workers and seniors. Our priority is to provide general services related to economic security for employability, attaining educational goals, and income management. OEE also provides services that support family well-being through housing, health, and nutrition to help families in crisis. 

Office of Learning and Academic Opportunity (OLAO) provides services to children and families from birth to eight years of age. Our priority is to provide general services related to families in the areas of education, health and social/behavioral development. OLAO also provides an intentional, coordinated approach to strengthening the family unit and combines programing for children and adults in order to build strong and stable families.

The Office of Strategy & Community Engagement (OSCE), under the guidance of the President, creates the strategy and policy framework that enables the agency to deliver timely, accurate and relevant innovation to stay ahead of opportunities and risks in our communities. OSCE positions the agency for the future through consistent and focused messaging and engagement that clearly communicates the vision, mission, and direction of the agency. OSCE builds relationships, partnerships and strategies to create the right level of insights and transparency internally and externally, garnering the understanding and support of New Mexico communities.

Our Mission

HELP New Mexico, Inc. exists to empower positive action through sustainable social services. Inspire and motivate through effective community improvement programs and to educate families and communities through innovative coaching.


HELP New Mexico is an affiliate of UnidosUS, the largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. UnidosUS works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.