Agricultural Worker Survey

Hello. We are conducting a survey of New Mexico’s agricultural workers.  We are looking for agricultural workers who have worked in New Mexico within the last three (3) years.  

For the purposes of this survey, an “agricultural worker” is anyone that has worked in agriculture Food production, i.e., planting and harvesting agricultural products, and raising livestock such as chickens, fish, and cattle, and/or Food processing, i.e., assisting in production of raw goods, such as crops or milk, into foods, including animal processing plants. “Agricultural worker” also includes anyone that has worked in crop packaging sheds throughout New Mexico. 

S1: What type of “agricultural work” do you do? (Check all that apply)
S2: Have you been employed as an agricultural worker in New Mexico in the past three (3) years?
S4: Have you taken the New Mexico Coalition of Agricultural Workers and Advocates (NM CAWA) survey?

The purpose of the survey is to learn about the working and living conditions of agricultural workers in our state. The goal of the survey is to help improve conditions for agricultural workers, their families, and ultimately, our communities. The survey will cover many topics including wages, housing, health care, vaccination awareness and safety conditions on the job.  My interview with you will take approximately 30 minutes or less to complete.    

When we talk about the information we gather from this survey, we will never use the names of people we talked to or in any other way identify you as the person who gave us certain information.  In fact, we will not even write your name anywhere on the questionnaire.   

If you feel uncomfortable with any question, you can choose not to answer it.  Also, if at any point you do not want to continue the survey, you should feel free to say so, and we will stop the interview. There will be no negative consequences for deciding not to participate in this survey.  

Your voice is extremely important to this project.  We want to know what the biggest challenges agricultural workers face in their day to day lives and the best ways to address those challenges.  We cannot do that without hearing directly from workers such as you. When the survey project is completed, we plan to report the results back to the community and discuss the best ways to address the issues that were identified through our research.  

If you are interested in receiving the results of this survey; receiving information about state and non-profit services; and/or you would like to join efforts to improve the lives of agricultural workers in New Mexico, I can take your name and contact information on a separate sheet at the end of the survey so that we can contact you.  If you are not interested, that is fine as well. All contact information you provide will be confidential and will not be linked to your survey answers.

S5: Would you like to participate in this survey?
1: What kind of agricultural work do you do? (Check all that apply)
4: How long have you been working in agriculture?
5: [Was/is] your mother and/or father an agriculture worker?
6: How many agricultural employers did you work for the last time you worked as an agricultural worker?
7: On average, how much of the year do you generally spend working as an agricultural worker?
8: Has an employer ever asked you how many weeks of agricultural work you did in the prior year?
9: In your [current/last] agricultural job in New Mexico, how often [are/were] you paid?
10: In your [current/last] agricultural job in New Mexico, [are/were] you paid per hour, piece rate, or in some other manner?
11: In the last three years and at your agricultural jobs, how often [do/did] you make at least New Mexico’s minimum wage per hour? (In 2022, the minimum wage was $11.50 per hour; In 2021, $10.50 per hour; In 2020, $9.00 per hour)
12: In your [current/last] agricultural job, [do/did] you receive a check stub or wage receipt every time you [are/were] paid?
13: In your [current/last] agricultural job, how often [does/did] your check stub or wage receipt list the correct number of hours you worked?
14: Has an agricultural employer ever retaliated against you (i.e., treated you worse than other workers) for complaining about your working conditions?
15: In the past year, were there times when your employer(s) completely failed to pay you for work you have done as an agricultural worker in New Mexico?
16: How many times?
17: In the past year, have any of your employers paid you less than you were owed for work you have done as an agricultural worker in New Mexico?
If answer is “No”, “Don't Know”, or “N/A” skip to question #19
18: How many times?
19: Over the last year in your work in New Mexico, have you ever complained to the Department of Workforce Solutions or the U.S. Department of Labor about unpaid wages owed to you?
20: Over the last year in your work in New Mexico, have you ever wanted to complain about bad working conditions or your wages but did not?
If answer is “No”, “Don't Know”, or “N/A” skip to question #23
21: How many times in the last year in your work as an agricultural worker in New Mexico have you wanted to complain but did not?
22: Why didn’t you complain? (mark all that apply)
23: What do you know about the new law guaranteeing Paid Sick Leave in New Mexico?
24: What is your biggest work-related concern? (Check all that apply)
25: While working as an agricultural worker in New Mexico, have you ever been injured?
26: How many times have you been injured while working in agriculture in New Mexico?
27: What type of injury did you have? (Check all that apply.)
28: If you received care from a medical professional because of your last injury, did your employer pay for that medical care?
29: In the last injury you sustained in New Mexico, did your employer pay you for any days that you could not work due to the injury?
30: While working for an agricultural employer in New Mexico over the last year, did your employer(s) provide you with any of the following safety equipment at work without charge? (Check all that apply)
31: Have you every complained to a state and/or federal agency about health and safety conditions at any of your previous agricultural jobs?
32: Have you been exposed to pesticides?
33: If yes, did you report this to your employer?
34: Have you received training on pesticides and how it affects our body?
35: Would you like to have a training on this topic?
36: Have you ever gotten sick from working in the heat?
37: Have you received resources about heat related illnesses?
38: What do you use for sun protection when you work?
39: Do you normally receive your health care in the United States, Mexico, or in another country?
40: What type of insurance do you have?
41: Does your farm employer provide you with health insurance or pay for your health care needs?
42: Do you have unpaid medical or hospital bills?
44: Where do you normally go for your health care when you are in New Mexico?
45: When was the last time you saw a dentist or dental hygienist in the United States?
46: Have you ever had a hearing test?
47: Do you think you need one?
48: Would you like information on locations to schedule a hearing test?
49: Have you experienced some form of sexual harassment at work?
50: Have you ever experienced some form of violence in your home?
51: Would you like resources and assistance on sexual harassment at work and/or domestic violence?
52: Are you currently vaccinated against COVID19?
52a: Are your household members vaccinated?
53: Have you received a booster for COVID 19?
54: Do you have concerns about vaccinations?
55: Where do you get most of your health information about vaccines?
56: Were you provided with information about the vaccine and possible side effects?
57: Have you ever paid for a vaccination in the past?
58: Do you have access to vaccinations?
59: Where do you prefer to get your vaccine?
60: Have you or your family members contracted COVID19?
61: Have you lost any immediate family members due to COVID19?
62: Do you have COVID tests available at home?
63: Please select any barriers that prevent you from getting a vaccine.
64: Would you like information on vaccination locations?
65: Do you currently live in New Mexico?
66: What kind of place do you live in now?

If you answered "I am Homeless", "Don't Know", or "N/A" please skip question #74.

67: Do you live –
68: How do you pay for housing costs?
69: How much do you pay per month?
70: Type of Housing
72a: Do you have: Running Water?
72b: Do you have: Electricity?
72c: Do you have: An indoor bathroom?
72d: Do you have: Heat system?
72e: Do you have: Cooling system?
73: How many people do you share your home with?
74: In the last year, while working as an agriculture worker in New Mexico, have you ever not had a place to sleep at night?
76: What kind of transportation do you use?
Do you pay for any of these services?
78: What is the last grade in school you completed and in what country?
79: What is the primary language you speak at home?
80: Can you read and write in English?
81: Can you read and write in Spanish?
82: What was your income from agriculture work in the last 12 months?
83: What age were you when you first worked in agriculture?
84: Do your children work with you now?
85: Do you have enough food to eat?
86: Where do you buy your fruits and vegetables?
87: Please select any services that you receive:
88: In the last year, did you, your partner, or your children NEED but DID NOT receive any of the following services? Select all that apply.
89: Would you like information on available programs?
90: What was the total combined household income for all members during the last 12 months, including wages, Social Security, unemployment benefits and public benefits and any other source of income?
91: Including yourself, how many people are supported by the income in the previous question?
93: Who cares for your children when they are not in school?
94: Are you authorized to work in the U.S.?

Thank you for participating in this survey today.  What you had to say will help in our work to improve the living and working conditions of New Mexico’s agricultural workers.  

Finally, we would like to know if you are interested in learning more about your rights as an agricultural worker, the results of the survey, or if you are interested in working with us to improve the living/working conditions of New Mexico’s agricultural workers. 

Are you interested in receiving the results of this survey?
Are you interested in future financial assistance on stimulus payments for farmworkers?

If yes, please include your name, email and phone number so that we may contact you with further information.